About Xs Wings

Archery vanes since …

Xs Wings were invented in 2002 by Vlado Sitar and in year 2017 we are celebrating 15 years of existence. Two years after founding, Xs Wings were shot at the Olympic Games in Athens. From 2009 the company is ran by Benjamin Sitar who is constantly struggling to perfect Xs Wings vanes.

Xs Wings as successful company

Today Xs Wings can be found in big colour and size variety. We are present all around the Globe and customer satisfaction is shown in increasing sales and positive feedback. At 2016 Olympic Games in Rio we had 16 competitors and the number of Xs Wings pro staffers is greater that we could ever imagine at the beginning. We are supporting all kind of pro staff archers from recurve bow to barebow and from target archery to field. Our vision for the future is even bigger. We like to dream and to climb as high as we can, as many archers do. And remember; You shoot the stories. We just help!